Xperia Service: Restore & reflash


Send your bricked Xperia to J-D for a last-chance service.

The cost covers the shipment to EU territory, the return shipment and the time of the restoration intervention.

Warning all data in the phone will be lost!



Sailfish OS OTA updates could occasionally brick your Xperia, or you could run into some bugs in the boot area or passcode area.

Even if you haven’t bought your Xperia SF OS from the J-D Store, you can try sending your phone in service to J-D.

This new product (beta) is dedicated ONLY to European users (within EU customs borders) who do not have the time or expertise to flash or fully reset the Xperia.


[ED] There is no guarantee that the intervention will be successful.
The costs cover the 2 shipments and the time of the inspection / restoration.

Servicing is suitable for all those software problems related to interrupted updates, brick with LEDs that light up, “stuck at passcode” that lately can afflict some Sailfish OS Xperia. Furthermore, if the fault is Hardware (for example, the phone does not turn on – the audio does not work) the intervention is not indicated.