Sony Xperia X (F5121)


The Sony Xperia X is a reliable smartphone with Sailfish OS. It has a spectacular triluminous display that will enhance your Sailfish OS experience.

Sony Xperia X is the ‘baseline’ model to be chosen with a ‘google-free’ use in mind: its outdated 4.4. support (to buy apart at 49€) do not worth the expense.
But the device has all the power, and ram needed to run every Sailfish OS native app with a lot of ease!

The device is there for user who need a ‘small’ display, and it’s a direct alternative to the Pinephone.

This listing refers to a one Sony Xperia X black, Single SIM (F5121), in new condition.
Comes with original Sony packaging and accessories.


(Updated pictures coming soon)

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Android apps: let’s clarify.

Sailfish OS is not Android, but an alternative OS descended from Meego Harmattan; fortunately it has a module (paid) to run Android apps.

This “Android-Support app” allows you to run apps in .apk format.
Whether it’s a mainstream Android app from Aptoide / Aurora, or whether it’s a FOSS app from F-Droid, you will need the License to run the app.

Visit to purchase one of the available licenses. The average price is usually around 49 euros, but Jolla makes discounts on some holidays during the year.
(At the moment it is not possible to buy license and phone together).

Native / “Pure” mode

If you already thought of staying Google-free, the basic version is fully working, with its native apps from Jolla Store and Openrepos.


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