Sony Xperia X (F5121)


The Sony Xperia X is a reliable smartphone with Sailfish OS. It has a spectacular triluminous display that will enhance your Sailfish OS experience.

Sony Xperia X is the ‘baseline’ model to be chosen with a ‘google-free’ use in mind: its outdated 4.4. support (to buy apart at 49€) do not worth the expense.
But the device has all the power, and ram needed to run every Sailfish OS native app with a lot of ease!

The device is there for user who need a ‘small’ display, and it’s an alternative to Pinephone.
Also, this is the onliest Sony device available with a Sailfish 2.2 configuration (on demand).

This listing refers to a one Sony Xperia X black, Single SIM (F5121), in new condition.
Comes with original Sony packaging and accessories.


(Updated pictures coming soon)

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