Scame 3a – Schuko cable


Connect to the Italian Scame 3A sockets!

The product consists of:

  • Scame 3a plug
  • Schuko/multistandard plug
  • Reinforced white outdoor cable (2,5mmx3)

Ideal for: Twizy (s) and electric motos

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Extension cable-adapter in Schuko / multistandard format (compatible with EU 3 pin) to the Scame 3A connector.

The current supplied by these connectors is always 220-230V at 16 Ampère, equivalent to the usual domestic current.
The adapter cable doesn’t changes the current, it only enables the use of the Scame 3A sockets thanks to the connector on the column side.

The Scame 3A format, some notes

The Scame 3A format is a widespread format in Italian electric columns, created by Scame together with the EV Plug Alliance for electric motorcycles and light electric vehicles.

From Wikipedia:

The EV Plug Alliance was established on March 28, 2010 by the French companies Schneider Electric and Legrand and by the Italian Scame. Other companies joined later: Citelum, DBT, FCI, Gimélec, Gewiss, Leoni, Marechal Electric, Nexans, Radiall, Sagemcom, Tyco Electronics, Vimar, Weidmüller France and Yazaki Europe. [4]

The EV Plug Alliance has proposed an electric vehicle connector derived from previous connectors developed by Scame (the Libera series [5]) which are already in use on light electric vehicles. The new connector can deliver three-phase current up to 32A and was used in some tests for Formula E.

Later in Europe the “Mennekes” or Type 2 format took over, designed for electric cars of the current generation.

Although it’s gradually falling into disuse, in Italy it’s quite common to find old charging stations with only 3A sockets, or “hybrid” kiosk stations with both Type 2 and Scame 3A connectors.
With this item you can charge your Twizy or your electric motorcycle in these sockets, ignored by the cars owners.


Additional information

Scame connector

Normal, Compact

Cable length

30cm, 2m, 3m