Repair your Nokia N9


J-D service

Your old loved N9 may have a single issue that’s preventing it from working: it may be the battery dead, or a hardware issue on the mainboard, or it may be damaged on the screen on have a cracked chassis.

Here it comes this new J-D product, in the shape of a “repair and ship back” service.

At the moment the supported faults are those related to:

  • broken screen
  • cracked chassis
  • no power (battery dead)
  • power but not booting device (mainboard failure)

It’s recommended to contact via email, or Twitter Jolla-Devices before purchasing the product to better start addressing the problem on your phone.
(It may be software bricked).

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After a short period of experimentation on the Nokia N9 hardware, the new repair service is finally launched.

This is a new beta item that aims to reduce the number of Nokia N9s “thrown away”, or dormant due to age-related or crash-related failures.

The spare parts are practically new because they come from those few “new old stock” phones that arrive broken at the J-D store.

Note that the price is including:
– the spare component
– the manpower for the execution of the intervention
– the return shipping costs of your N9 (allowed EU countries only)


Green choice & details

Choosing to have your Nokia N9 repaired could be a bit greener than buying another one – a double shipping is involved – just to reuse extra components and avoid throwing your Nokia N9 away.

This service is recommended in case there is an emotional bond (or rare data/configurations) within a specific Nokia N9 mainboard. In case of damage you can also ask transfer the motherboard to a different color chassis and a new screen (option coming soon).

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