Hack pro i7U – Manjaro edition (Pi case)




Cylindric PC with Manjaro as pre installed OS


It’s a cylinder “Pi case” customized for a better cooling, condition: Used.

– Asrock Fatal1ty mini-ITX gaming grade motherboard with Thunderbolt USB-C

– Processor: a Intel I7 U 2,4Ghz quad core (Kaby Lake ES)

– 8 gb Ram Ballistic Sport DDR4

– Drevo SSD 240GB

– PSU: HDPLEX 400W Hi-Fi DC-ATX Power Supply (excellent product see

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This PC was the former Hack Pro mk 2/3 an assembled mini-ITX PC placed on a PI Case, a cylindrical case similar to the Mac Pro 2013 enclosure.

You can use this PC ready to boot, with Manjaro, or use it as start for a gaming PC (adding a GPU) or as Hackintosh starter.

The main plus of this little motherboard from Asrock was the Thunderbolt controller on a mini-ITX form factor. That USB-C door is natively capable of display signal: I used it with an Apple Thunderbolt Display.


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